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Consider your inheritance money as an investment

Consider your inheritance money as an investment

Instead of spending all of your inheritance money in one go, without thinking about the future, why not invest it and have life-long financial security?

We live in a democratic country, that affords all with equal rights and the freedom to practice them. Our parents have had to draft Wills in case something drastic happened to them. The Will is then provided to siblings so that they can each get a clear view on what they are likely to own, and it also helps avoid friction between siblings.

It is unfortunate that some youths have used their inheritance money carelessly, without considering their futures. I’ve always been of the mind that inheritance money isn’t to be spent recklessly, within a period of months or a year.

Inheritance money is the result of parents working tirelessly to ensure their children have bright futures, and it should be respected as such. It is saddening to witness the youth of today filling up bar tables all in the name of  a popular vernacular phrase, “Ngidla ilifa lami’’, which loosely translates to, “I am spending my inheritance money.” Although this is true for a lot of youths, it shouldn’t be the case. Inheritance money should be an investment towards your future studies, especially if you’re still in your senior phase years,  so that you’re able to pursue your studies without getting into debt.

If you’re already done with your schooling career, the inheritance money can be invested towards a business venture to ensure that you have an income, long after the inheritance money dries up. If you’re an introvert and are scared of starting a business from scratch, look into a franchise business that will keep your inheritance money running even for your own children in the future.