Couples Therapy returns to ShowTime for season two

Couples Therapy has been renewed for a second season and will be returning to ShowTime this April, with returning psychologist, Orna Guralnik.

Couples Therapy is set to premiere its second season on Sunday, 18 April 2021, on ShowTime. The critically acclaimed reality show will see clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, Orna Guralnik, meeting new sets of couples who are looking to work on their relationships and find solutions to deep-rooted issues that they have developed over the years. The series aims to break the stigmas associated with counselling and therapy, whilst highlighting how communication can fix many problems.

In a preview shared by ShowTime on YouTube in February 2021, audience members were introduced to the new couples, who will be counselled by Orna over eight months. The clip was captioned, “Couples Therapy follows eight months of therapy sessions with Dr. Guralnik as she deftly guides couples through honest confrontation with each other, revealing real-life struggles and extraordinary breakthroughs. The second season features three entirely new couples working through intense conflicts.”