Cyrus’ latest adventure sees him jetpacking after breaking up with Christina

Cyrus Dobre’s latest adventure sees the musician and popular YouTuber jetpacking, which he has described as a gift from God.

Cyrus Dobre, in an Instagram post in March 2021, revealed his latest adventure to his followers. The adventure involved the musician and popular YouTuber jetpacking. A jetpack is a version of every young boy’s dream that has ever attempted to fly by attaching a firecracker to their back and hoping that it will implode with them approaching the skies.

Dobre, in the first series of posts on his lessons, showcased how beginners are introduced to and guided along the process. In the visuals shared, the instructor attached a hinge to ensure that the beginner does not get injured if the jetpack or the beginner loses control. Thereafter, the hinge is then removed and the beginner is encouraged to learn how to balance their weight on the handles of the jetpack.

Seemingly, the breakup from fellow YouTuber, Christina Kayy, has only amplified Dobre’s success. This month marks a year since the two released their viral breakup video.