Dave and Ally’s relationship explored

The season finale of Dave saw Dave and Ally break up, as he could not choose Ally over his career, however, Ally might still feature in season two.

Season one of Dave featured Dave, played by Lil Dicky, in a serious relationship with an elementary school teacher, Ally Wernick, played by Taylor Misiak. The couple seemed very much in love, although they experienced intimacy issues, as Dave struggled with his manhood, as a result of multiple surgeries during his childhood. Despite Dave’s situation, Ally accepted him, which resulted in a breakthrough for the couple, as well as for Dave.

Later on in the series, Dave was invited to a party at Justin Bieber’s house, but did not take Ally with him as he was concerned about what the pop star would think of their relationship. While at the party, Dave realized just how much he loved Ally, and that he had made a mistake by not bringing her to the party.

Later in the series, Dave met with several labels about a possible record deal. Before making his life-altering decision, Dave accompanied Ally to her sister’s wedding. He seemed to focus more on his upcoming decision more than her, which upset Ally. The two then got into a huge argument, which ended their relationship, as Dave refused to prioritize their relationship over his career.

As the show is loosely based on Lil Dicky’s real life, the viewers were curious to know if Ally is based on Lil Dicky’s real life ex-girlfriend, Molly. Prior to the series, Lil Dicky dated a woman named Molly and released a song titled after Molly on his rookie album, Professional Rapper. The song is reportedly about having to choose between your career and your significant other.

On Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), one fan asked Lil Dicky about the song, and the rapper acknowledged that he and Molly broke up because of his career. Lil Dicky also noted that he could not put Molly first as he was trying to accomplish his dreams. However, he did not confirm if  Ally is based on his ex-girlfriend.

Despite not knowing if Ally is based on Molly, the fans have expressed their own theories on a Reddit forum, with one fan stating, “The song is already sad. It is not like this show is telling us anything new. But anyway, it is most definitely Molly. The show is about his life before he became famous and his journey to becoming a rapper. So, of course it is Molly.”

Lil Dicky previously mentioned that Ally might feature in the second season, even though they are no longer together, because he enjoys working with her. Thus, viewers might see Ally’s reaction to the breakup in the second season.

Season two of Dave premiered on Wednesday, 16 June 2021, and picks up roughly four months from where season one ended. Dave and Ally are still not together, however, he is beginning to understand the impact she used to have on his creative songwriting process.