All there is to know about Days of our Lives’ Chanel?

Days of our Lives’ Chanel Dupree went from being played by Precious Way to Raven Bowen, but who are the actresses and what is Precious Way doing now?

In the world of soapies, cast member changes are not uncommon. One day, a character can be portrayed by one actor and the next day, another, who would be fronting the role without a disturbance in the world of the story. Similarly, one of the biggest change ups to have taken place this year was on Days of our Lives, when the character of Chanel Dupree changed faces. In July 2021, Precious Way, who is the original Chanel Dupree, was replaced by Raven Bowen in the role.

Who is Chanel Dupree?

In the world of the story, Chanel Dupree is one of the newest characters on the soapie. Having made her debut appearance in March 2021, her integration in the world of the story came through the reveal that she is the daughter of long-standing character, Paulina Price. Her character started off as the fiery, manipulative and spoilt daughter of Paulina, who has since been working towards starting her own bakery business in order to affirm her independence.

It was during this time, in July 2021, that the change of actresses playing the character happened. One day, Way was in the role crying after finding out that her mother was attempting to demolish Horton Town Square in order to advance her own business ambitions. In the next episode, Way was replaced by Bowen, as she was the one knocking on Allie’s door.

Why was Way replaced by Bowen?

For many viewers, the sudden change in casting surprised many, more especially considering that even with the introduction of Bowen, there was no expected, “The Role of… is now being played by…” announcement. The soapie merely continued with the story. However, avid followers of the soapie would have been prepared for the change, as Days of our Lives had first announced the change of actresses playing Chanel back in June 2021.

While the soapie did not expand on the reasons for the swap, Bowen at the time of the announcement had reflected on the monumental acting role following cameos and appearances on shows including Insecure, All Rise, Mr Student Body President and The New Edition Story. In her caption of the announcement post, Bowen wrote:

“When I was a little girl, I watched soaps with my mommy. They inspired me to be dramatic, glamorous and to slap the sh*t outta people who deserved it *laughing emoji*. I know it’s a strange thing to say, but somehow, I always knew this would be my path. I’m beyond excited to join the cast of the one of the longest running shows on television, Days of our Lives!”

She added, “Over the past couple of months I’ve worked harder than I have in my entire life and it has been so rewarding! The respect I have for people who do daytime television is through the roof! Gratitude, is the tip of the iceberg in which to describe the depth of what I feel in my spirit, heart and soul. First episode July 6 (2021)… It’s gonna be a wild ride y’all so buckle up. (I) love it here!”

Bowen was referring to how with her first appearance, the soapie almost teased a same-sex storyline between herself and best friend, Allie. However, that storyline was nipped neatly as Allie asserted that she was not interested in women. Currently, Chanel’s love interest is Johnny.

What happened to Precious Way since departure?

It seems that Precious Way had already lined up work ahead of her exit from Days of our Lives. Despite having broken into the mainstream entertainment industry through her role as Chanel, she has already amassed two other acting credits under her name. First, it was as the recurring supporting role on drama series, Queens, which stars an all-female lead cast, including Brandy, Eve and Naturi Naughton. Most recently, it was confirmed that she is the recurring supporting main character on the MC Lyte-fronted sitcom, Partners in Rhyme as Luscious T.

Following the news of her Partners in Rhyme casting, Way took to Instagram to reflect on the opportunity by writing, “I had the hardest time typing this post because I keep shaking. I’m beyond grateful and excited to be doing two things I love most alongside this incredible legend. Thank you all so much and thank you MC Lyte, I’m starting to feel like dreams really do come true. Excuse me while I continue to cry…”