Derek Hough returns to High School Musical: The Musical as Zack

Derek Hough will be reprising his role as the recurring character of Zack on High School Musical: The Musical’s second season, this time, taking centre stage as one of the leads.

Derek Hough will be returning for the second season of Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical, which will be premiering on Friday, 14 May 2021. The professional dancer and actor will be reprising his role as Zack, Miss Jenn’s ex-boyfriend and ultimate rival, who plans on going up against her in the national competition. As the head coach of East High’s opposing school, North High, Zack will stop at nothing to make sure that he seeks revenge from his ex-girlfriend, whilst using her team as collateral damage.

Created and executive produced by Tim Federle, the first series adaptation of the High School Musical franchise introduces a group of drama students and faculty members at East High, which is the same school as the original High School Musical. The first season’s 10 episodes counted down from auditions to opening night of the school’s first production of High School Musical: The Musical. The second season will see them taking on another musical for the competition, whilst grappling with the realities of high school.