Desus & Mero: Why did Desus and Mero break up?

While no official statement has been released, the break-up of Desus and Mero is speculated to be due to an internal conflict between the celebrated comedic duo.

One of the most iconic comedic duos of the 2010s is arguably podcasters and comedians, Desus and Mero, transitioned successfully into television hosts.

Therefore, it came as a surprise when SHOWTIME confirmed that Desus & Mero is coming to end after four seasons, as the comedians go their separate ways. Many suspect this is due to an internal conflict.

Desus and Mero’s rise to fame

Desus and Mero, whose real names are Daniel Baker and Joel Martinez, respectively, began their working relationship in 2013 with their first podcast called Desus vs Mero.

It did not take long for networks to get wind of their chemistry, as their first show was on Complex TV in 2014.

Their second show followed soon after on Viceland in 2016. They then struck gold with SHOWTIME’s Desus & Mero, which premiered in 2019.

Desus & Mero: Why did Desus and Mero break up?

The news that Desus and Mero are officially ending Desus & Mero was confirmed on Tuesday, 19 July 2022 by SHOWTIME.

The network released a statement writing, in part, “Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will be pursuing separate creative endeavours moving forward…”

SHOWTIME added in its statement, ” Desus Nice and the Kid Mero have made a name for themselves in comedy and in the late-night space as quick-witted cultural commentators.”

However, speculation surrounding the end of the Desus and Mero started as early as June 2022, because of their Bodega Boys’ official Twitter account.

Twitter fans noticed that the rumoured former friends and partners were starting to work and make public appearances separately, despite being in the same venue sometimes. Furthermore, it seemed that the two were shooting separate content.

Therefore, it is believed that the alleged former friends and business partners reportedly cut ties because of behind-the-scenes animosity, hence they cannot work together anymore.

Is Bodega Boys over?

Along with ending their working relationship on Desus & Mero, it was confirmed that their podcast, Bodega Boys, is also ending.

When was the last episode of Bodega Boys posted?

Bodega Boys last posted a podcast episode in November 2021, which, in hindsight, was an early indication that the podcast may not return.

What was the last Bodega Boys episode uploaded on YouTube?

The last Bodega Boys YouTube episode uploaded on was episode 253, titled “Bathed in Borax, which was posted in November 2021.