Did Alex Trebek have Whipple surgery?

Alex Trebek did not undergo Whipple surgery at any point during his battle with pancreatic cancer, with doctors opting to treat him with chemotherapy instead.

Alex Trebek was a well-known television host who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in November 2020. The former Jeopardy presenter was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2018, and is believed to have been given a poor prognosis because the cancer had spread throughout his body. With stage four being the last stage of the disease, doctors had chosen to treat Alex with chemotherapy, as the masses had spread to different parts of the body and were not only present in the pancreas.

As remedial action, Whipple surgery may be undertaken, which allows for the cancerous part of the pancreas to be removed, with the remaining cancer cells being able to be treated with radiation. In Alex’s case, the Whipple surgery could not be performed, as the entire pancreas had already been infected. Alex succumbed to pancreatic cancer 18 months after his diagnosis, at the age of 80.