Did Austin cheat on Catherine?

Austin and Catherine McBroom form part of one of YouTube’s most well-known families. 

Known as the ACE Family, popular YouTubers, Austin and Catherine McBroom, caught everyone’s attention with their videos in 2016. The two had been acquaintances a few years prior, when they decided to get to know one another better after their interaction at a party. Catherine, who explained that she hated the process of dating in one of their YouTube videos, was taken out of her comfort zone when she decided to go on a date with Austin. The two soon became an item and, not too long after, Catherine announced that she was pregnant with their first daughter, Elle Lively McBroom.

Their daughter brought in a different audience to their channel, and it soon became an instant hit. Armed with the love for sharing their life with the world, the small family started posting videos weekly. With more subscribers and followers on their social media pages, the family’s privacy started to disappear as they found fame. Cheating allegations and sexual misconduct claims started to take over their lives. Austin has been plagued with cheating allegations throughout the relationship, with one of the most popularised being the Coachella incident.

Things changed for the worst in October 2019, when a beauty blogger by the name of Cole Carrigan took to Twitter to speak about Austin’s unfaithfulness to Catherine. After his tweet went viral, he decided to make a video explaining everything that he was told had happened. The beauty blogger did not hold back; showing screenshots of conversations believed to have been between Austin and the women involved, which alleged that his friend was raped by the YouTuber.

Catherine has yet to comment on the allegations, while her husband has publicly made it clear that he will be taking action. “My family and I are dealing with this matter privately and taking legal action,” the YouTuber tweeted.