Did Axe deodorant change their formula?

Axe has changed the formula of its deodorants and anti-perspirant sprays throughout the years, in an effort to widen its product range and offer deodorants for different situations.  

Axe is a men’s deodorant and perfume brand that has become well-known in the men’s cosmetic industry. Whilst the brand has remained relatively popular over the years, its new formulas have been called into question. Some customers believe that it has a pungent smell or does not serve its intended purpose.

Axe has also developed its new formulas around the specific products and situations, such as the 48-Hour Deodorant, Antiperspirant Stick and the Dry Spray. Axe has also launched formula-specific deodorants, such as the Apollo Aluminium-Free Deodorant Formula, Phoenix Aluminium-Free Deodorant Formula, Wild Bamboo Aluminium-Free Deodorant Formula, and the Cool Ocean Aluminium-Free Deodorant Formula.

The brand has attempted to make the products as natural as possible, as it has removed many of the toxic ingredients which can cause long-lasting damage when used on a daily basis.