Did Ben and Jerry’s discontinue the Banana Split?

Ben and Jerry’s has not discontinued its Banana Split ice-cream flavour, and customers are still able to purchase it from their local branch or grocery store.

Ben and Jerry’s is a well-known ice-cream brand that was launched in 1978. The franchise has expanded internationally, and its unique flavours and recipes have made it popular amongst dessert enthusiasts. The Banana Split flavour is noted as one of its best-sellers, and continues to be sold at all of the credible outlets and distributors.

The flavour was also adapted to incorporate peanut butter, which is also a well-loved American sweet treat. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Split was launched in February 2020, and is made from chocolate and banana ice-cream, stuffed to the brim with mini peanut butter cups. The flavour is said to be a mixture of the Banana Split and the Chucky Monkey offerings.

Ben and Jerry’s continues to update its menus throughout the years, and has, more often than not, kept its best-selling flavours for returning customers.