Did Ben and Lexi break up?

Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera recently announced their breakup after three years together, claiming that they no longer make each other happy and want to move on from the relationship.

Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera gained prominence on the social media platform, TikTok, during the course of 2019, and were introduced as a couple who began dating in 2017.

After three years together and countless videos on one another’s channels, they have decided to call it quits, and made the announcement in a YouTube video on Saturday, 21 November 2020. According to the young TikTok stars, being in a public relationship at the ages of 15 and 16 has taken a toll on them personally, and they feel that it is time for them to find themselves individually.

Lexi stated, “I know that it’s been super confusing for you guys and that is because it’s been just as confusing for us, we’ve been very on-and-off again and I don’t think we were really sure what we wanted to do until now.” They went on to explain that as much as they enjoyed making content together, they are no longer making one another happy, which they partially attributed to garnering fame at a young age.

She went on to state, “We both had so much fun doing it, but I think as years went on, it just became a little too complicated… I think what was hard is we want to make you guys happy as well as make ourselves happy. Ultimately, we just didn’t do both and I think what’s most important is focusing on ourselves for now.”