Did Ben Shapiro move to Florida?

Ben Shapiro did not move to Florida, but the conservative commentator did move to Nashville with The Daily Wire and other prominent conservative commentators.

Ben Shapiro is a conservative commentator that took to Twitter in September 2020 to announce that he would be moving away from Los Angeles (LA). It seems that the backlash that the commentator received from people on his political views and utterances had prompted him to finally to move out of the city.

Shortly after announcing that he was leaving LA, his choice of a new city was revealed. Ben has reportedly moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is a place that he has described as “home,” which makes sense, considering that a majority of the people in the city are likely to share the same views as him. Ben is reportedly the only conservative commentator that left LA and opted to move to the south. Divisive commentator, Tomi Lahren, has also made the move.