Did Billy really confess to killing Erin on Mare Of Easttown?

Fans were suspicious of Billy from the start and at the end of episode six, he confessed to killing Erin, but was he telling the truth?

Episode six, “Sore Must Be the Storm,” of Mare of Easttown aired on Sunday, 23 May 2021, and left fans doubting if Billy Ross actually killed Erin McMenamin. This episode provided a breakthrough in McMenamin’s case and it came from an unexpected place, Freddie’s house.

A garbage bag full of clothes taken from the McMenamins was found at the house. Kenny told Freddie that he could take the clothes for his kid. One of Erin’s old T-shirts was found in the hand-me-down bag. Mare realized that there was something written on the shirt, “Ross Family Reunion, Lake Harmony. 5.29.17.” It was a date that Mare recognized as Erin had a heart-shaped necklace engraved with the same date. It was possible that Erin had fallen in love with someone at the reunion, and that person could be DJ’s father.

Billy had confessed the murder to John, who immediately told his wife. He also added that they needed to keep this information from her best friend, Mare. Billy was on the edge to declare his murder when John suggested a fishing trip instead. Back in town, Lori confessed everything to Mare and set out for the lake to confront Billy.

To kick off the confusion, Jess ran into the police station holding a photo she took from Erin’s journals and the chief attempted to call Mare off.

Fans immediately assumed that it was John Ross, not Billy, the “Ross” on the jewelry store receipt for the gold necklace. What if it was John’s name, Erin, who was threatening to announce as DJ’s father if he did not help her pay for DJ’s surgery? It was assumed that John had asked Billy to help cover for his cousin’s daughter’s murder. But why would Billy take the blame for a murder when he did not commit it? The answer was simple: John has a wife and kids, but Billy does not have anyone.