Did Cameron Diaz launch her own wine brand?

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power recently launched their own wine brand; according to reports, this was after discovering that most wines contain additives.

It is no secret that Cameron Diaz loves a good wine, however, she never really thought about what is in the wine until a few years ago. Back in 2020, Diaz and her friend, Katherine Power, were hanging out on a patio, enjoying a glass of wine, when they discovered that wine does not feature an ingredients list. At the time, Power stated, “We thought it was weird that there was no ingredients list.”

The pair decided to learn about wine-making and soon discovered that there are additives in most wines. That is when their idea for Avaline was born.

Avaline is a clean wine brand with a few ingredients, which are listed on the label. The label is now complete with three vegan-friendly varieties, a white, a rosé and a red wine. In an interview with Leisure + Travel, Diaz stated, “When we began our journey creating Avaline, we had absolutely no knowledge of how the alcohol business worked. But Katherine and I are both solution-oriented. We look at issues that are challenging and we immediately go, ‘How do we make this work?’”

While there is no certification or regulatory body for “clean” wines, most are grown organically and without synthetic pesticides. The clean wines are produced without, or with fewer, additives, synthetic chemicals, or added sugar. Diaz and Power made it a point to be as involved as possible with the wine-making process, so as to ensure that the wine stays true to its ‘clean’ characteristics.

When it came to naming their product, Diaz revealed that Avaline was found in a list of baby names. She stated, “Avaline just looked beautiful. It means sensitive, humble and lively. It really felt like it embodied what we wanted for our brand to be, so we ended up with Avaline.”

The Avaline wines can be directly purchased on the official website. However, the minimum bottles one can buy at a time is three. Three bottles of any type of wine is approximately $72.00.