Did Daniel LaRusso join Cobra Kai?

Years after their rivalry started, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence’s feud is still ongoing, as Johnny has reopened their old dojo. 

Martial arts has given entertainment another look into action, when it comes to movies. Although it comes across as less violent, the fighting scenes are ones to remember. The Karate Kid has given viewers some memorable fighting scenes since it was first released in 1984. The franchise follows the life of a teenager named Daniel LaRusso, who wants to fight his bullies. This is when Mr Miyagi steps in to help him defend himself in a more controlled environment.

The franchise has a second and third part, which have received universal acclaim. Some even say that the movies popularised karate in the United States. Following its success, a comedy-drama series was released 34 years later. Created by Robert Mark Kamen, who played Daniel’s rival, the series follows his old character, Johnny Lawrence, as he tries to reopen the Cobra Kai karate dojo.

The reopening of the dojo sparks an old rivalry and Daniel spends the entire series trying to get it to shut down. Even when they start to become civil again, something sparks their old rivalry and family ties are crossed. This life-long feud has resulted in many people getting hurt, including those who were not born when it started. There seems to be no hope for a truce between the former rivals. Daniel does not join Cobra Kai, and his attempts to get it shut down fail as the dojo is taken away by Kreese, who was Johnny’s former sensei.

To many, the series brings a sense of nostalgia, especially because the same protagonist is being used for it. The series is a true representation of character progression, bringing in both old and new fans of the franchise. The series was acquired by Netflix in 2020, and season three is set to be released in 2021.