Did Facebook get rid of Dating?

Facebook Dating is still available, and there are some troubleshooting options if you are having trouble with this application not showing up or crashing on your device.


Facebook has launched its own in-application dating feature, which allows Facebook users to find and filter results of potential dating matches.

When the Facebook mobile application is updated to a new version, some users may experience problems that can easily be solved through troubleshooting, but the Facebook Dating feature has not been removed.

What is Facebook Dating?

Facebook, one of the platforms known for creating and supporting connections between friends, has now also started their own online dating platform, which endeavours to create and support love or romantic connections.

The Facebook Dating application is a separate application or feature, of sorts, within the normal Facebook application and users will need to sign up to create a profile and start using the service.

This Facebook Dating application initially gained traction amongst users because it allows you to filter results in terms of various factors such as location, religion, age, height, and more, which distinguishes it from other, similar sites that have been popular in the past.

Did Facebook get rid of Dating?

Since the newest update to the Facebook application, many users no longer have the Facebook Dating tab on the shortcuts menu on the bottom of their screen or cannot find the Dating icon on the main menu.

There are several ways to go about troubleshooting this problem, but the most common reasons why Facebook Dating may not be working or showing up on your phone are:

Reason Explanation
You are under 18 years old Facebook Dating is only available to users 18 years and older
It is still not available in your country Facebook dating is only available in a few, select countries
You are not using the Facebook application Facebook Dating is only available through the Facebook mobile application
Internet connection issues The application requires a stable internet connection
Disabled notifications This could impair the normal operation of the Facebook Dating application
Mobile device cache not cleared This could impair the normal operation of the Facebook Dating application

How to activate Facebook Dating

If Facebook Dating is available in your country and you are 18 years or older, you may need to activate Facebook Dating on your Facebook mobile application before you can start using it. The following steps will guide you to activate the Facebook Dating application on your Facebook mobile application:

Step in the process Action
1 Open your Facebook mobile application and ensure that you are logged into your Facebook profile
2 Select the menu option (the three lines in the bottom corner)
3 Select the “Dating” option
4 Select the “Get Started” option
5 Follow the prompts in order to complete the installation process

Troubleshooting application problems

There are several reasons why Facebook Dating may not be working on your phone. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take on the application itself to try and solve this problem, which are:

Solution Method
Update the Facebook mobile application Visit the PlayStore or Appstore to upgrade your Facebook application to the latest version
Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook application Uninstall the Facebook application completely and then re-download it from the PlayStore or Appstore
Contact the Facebook Help Center If none of the other troubleshooting options worked, contact the Facebook Help Center and let them know that the Facebook Dating application is crashing on your device

Troubleshooting device problems

Some reasons why Facebook Dating may not be working on your device can be solved by troubleshooting your device’s settings. Some of these solutions are as follows:

Solution Method
Ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is stable Contact your service provider or switch off your router for a few minutes. You can also switch off mobile data for a few minutes and then switch it back on.
Enable location services Ensure that location permissions for the Facebook application on your device are turned on.
Enable the Facebook notifications Ensure that notifications for the Facebook application on your device are turned on.
Clear the cache Go to your device settings menu and clear the cache under the storage menu.
Restart your device Turn your device off completely and wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

Final thoughts

Facebook Dating has distinguished itself from other online dating services, by offering users many ways to filter their results of potential dating matches.

There are various policy, device, and application issues that cause the application to crash on some users’ devices, but there are also solutions that should fix the problem and get your Facebook Dating application back up and running in no time.