Did George Lopez cheat on his wife?

George Lopez has admitted to having cheated on his wife during their 17 years of marriage, however, it was reportedly only years later that he filed for divorce.

News of George Lopez’s divorce from his wife, Ann Serrano, made headlines in 2011, after he reportedly filed for divorce the year before. George has, in the past, openly admitted to having cheated on his wife when they were younger, as he was still getting used to his newfound fame.

However, that was not the reason for their divorce, according to reports. Their divorce is believed to have followed shortly after Ann gifted George with one of her kidneys. Therefore, when it was reported that George was the one who had filed for the divorce, the backlash was severe.

The celebrated comedic actor claimed that he filed for divorce as a way of freeing his wife to find happiness. That has been one of his few comments on the matter, as he has since taken a step away from the spotlight and has only made sporadic television appearances.