Did GeorgeNotFound get a new haircut?

GeorgeNotFound was known for his full-head of dark hair, which he no longer has, he live-streamed himself getting a new haircut in September 2021.

George Davidson, popularly known as GeorgeNotFound, which is his YouTube name, is a British Minecraft and YouTube content creator. The digital content creator currently has five different YouTube channels that each host different content. These include his flagship channel, GeorgeNotFound with over 9.76 million subscribers, GeorgeWasFound with over 1.19 subscribers, Not GeorgeNotFound with 2.26 million subscribers, GeorgeNotFound Shorts with over 314 000 subscribers, and GeorgeNotFound Streams with over 1.09 million subscribers.

GeorgeNotFound Streams, as the name suggests, houses his streamed uploaded content. One of the most popular videos on the channel is the livestream of the content creator receiving a haircut, after a little over four months since his last one. During this time, his hair had grown into a full mane styled in the iconic Justin Bieber haircut. The only difference was that his hair was jet black. The video is one of the most popular vlogs on the channel where he is not featuring other content creators, except the barber behind the haircut.

The livestreamed video, George gets a haircut, is a two-hour long video which starts with him already seated in the barber’s chair in an undisclosed location. The video takes the viewer through the entire process, which sees him come out with a haircut which was similar to the one he had before he let his hair grow. Despite this fact, his subscribers were excited to see him trim his full mane into a more controlled haircut. However, he kept his signature fringe, which he has become recognisable for.