Did Grace and Zeus break up?

The YouTube couple, Grace Bosstick and Zeus Marsh took to their channel to announce that they have parted ways, after more than a year of being together.

YouTube couples have taken the video-sharing platform by storm with their pranks and love stories. Although the format of these videos is generic, each couple’s personality makes their videos different from the next. We have seen couples at their best and worst, as they upload almost every week and let the public in on their relationship.

This was the case with YouTube couple, Grace and Zeus. They met on Tinder and had dated for over a year and a half when they announced that they have parted ways. The pair posted a 15-minute-long video in their apartment, with their dog featuring seen in the background. They both agreed that there was no definite reason for their breakup.

“We’ve been trying to figure things out for a while, but sometimes, even if you try your best, you can’t force someone to be happy,” Zeus said in the video. With more than four million followers on TikTok, the couple also squeezed in how couples on social media are not always who they seem to really be. “You guys only see 15 seconds on a TikTok or 10 minutes on a YouTube video, but there is so much more to a relationship than that,” Grace said.

Their decision to breakup was mutual, but what happens to their shared accounts is something they have not been able to decide on. Both have personal accounts, which they will continue to post from. Their breakup video has one million views and they have over 500 000 subscribers on YouTube. Their YouTube page is currently unavailable but their videos are still up on the platform.