Did ItsAlyssa quit gaming?

Fans suspect that ItsAlyssa quit gaming following Punz’ stream, where she revealed that she has left the Dream SMP.

Alyssa, better known online as ItsAlyssa, is a coder for the Minecraft server, MunchyMC. She has also made multiple appearances on the Dream Team’s livestreams, and was formerly part of the Dream Survival Multiplayer team. It is believed that Alyssa and Dream have been friends for many years, and that they have even met up in real life.

Punz, an American gaming Youtuber, recently went live on a stream where he played Minecraft with some friends. During the stream, Alyssa revealed that she is no longer on the Dream SMP, as Punz and her were messaging. She later commented that at the time, she was not aware that he was streaming, and people could see her replies.

After Punz’ stream, fans noticed that ItsAlyssa is not as active on her various platforms as she previously was. All of her content on her Twitch channel has been deleted. Her last tweet on Twitter was in February 2021, and her last post on Instagram was in July 2020. Her last video on her YouTube channel dates back to 2016.

Multiple fans took to her Instagram account to comment on her last photo, one fan stated, “I miss you Alyssa”, while another fan commented, “Please come back.” Another fan asked the streamer why she disappeared from Dream SMP.

It is unclear if Alyssa is still playing and streaming games, however, fans suspect that she has quit gaming completely.

Alyssa has yet to reveal why she left SMP, and if she is still publicly playing Minecraft.