Did Jamie Holmes leave WFTV?

Popular WFTV network news anchor, Jamie Holmes has not appeared on screen for quite some time, as rumours suggest that he has allegedly been removed, following a change in ownership.

Jamie Holmes is best known for anchoring the news at the American television station, WFTV. WFTV, virtual channel 9, is an ABC-affiliated television station owned by Cox Media Group. Holmes has also gained popularity for his thriller novels, The Last Disciple and The Last Testament.

Jamie began working in a newsroom at the age of 15, but began his first official on-air job at WSLS-TV after graduating from the University of Florida. Holmes continued his journalism career at WPTV, where he worked for more than 10 years.

In January 2011, Holmes started working at WFTV as a news anchor and a reporter. He was an anchor on the This Morning show, along with his co-star, Nancy Alvarez. However, Holmes has not appeared on screen in weeks. The viewers suspect that he has left the network for good.

Apollo, a global alternative investment manager firm, has allegedly taken over the channel and its stations. The company reportedly began reducing the number of Cox stations and it’s personnel. As a result of this, Jamie Holmes has allegedly been removed from the show.

Holmes’ LinkedIn profile states that he was employed at WFTV from January 2011 to June 2021. However, he has yet to officially announce his departure from the network.