Did Masashi Kishimoto die?

The manga artist has been the latest victim of a death hoax, following an earthquake tsunami in Japan.

Most celebrities are no strangers to a death hoax or two. Why? The internet is filled with endless personalities who have time on their hands. Whichever part of the world you are considered a celebrity in, you are not safe from the rumours that spread. Manga artist and creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, has been one of the internet’s victims of a death hoax.

News of his supposed death came about in 2011, when somebody claimed that he had died during a tsunami earthquake in Japan. This report was proven to be fake, as the artist is alive and well.

Moreover, he is still writing today. Many fans of his work searched high and low on the internet to find out the truth behind the report. The earthquake, which allegedly killed him, was recorded as one of Japan’s fifth-biggest earthquakes since 1990. Rumours of other artists’ deaths spread after the earthquake, including one of the Hello Kitty designers, Yuko Yamaguchi. The earthquake and tsunami killed hundreds of people, with hundreds more reported missing at the time. It is no surprise that people would assume that the Naruto artist died, as he lives in Japan with his wife and their son.

Following the final episode of Naruto in 2017, Masashi has been busy with other projects, which he hopes will surpass the success of Naruto. He is now busy with Boruto, which is an anime sequel that stars Naruto’s son. The television series has seen other writers contributing to it, with Masashi only planning on contributing towards it from chapter 52 onwards.

The reception to the sequel has been lukewarm, as many fans would like him to go back to writing for them to get the full Naruto experience. The artist is well, alive and working to promote his latest work.