Did That Vegan Teacher go to jail?

That Vegan Teacher has never been arrested, which was a rumour that was started after she was banned from TikTok for her alleged multiple violations on the app.

Social media is filled with polarising and contentious personalities. This is due to the fact that it is a wide net which has something for everyone. One of the most recent social media personalities to catch the public’s eye is Canadian content creator and YouTuber, That Vegan Teacher, whose real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer. She is currently one of the most controversial vegan activists on social media. You might ask, how can a vegan activist be polarising? Well, in That Vegan Teacher’s regard, it is not her stance but the politics of her stance.

That Vegan Teacher’s content advocates that everyone, including animals, should be vegan. What makes her stance problematic is that she fails to acknowledge physiologically. There are people and animals that a vegan lifestyle impedes on their health. Similarly, to the dog she adopted, which she converted to a vegan diet and shared that journey. This is despite the fact that this might not be the healthiest lifestyle decision for her dog. Moreover, she has also released numerous videos ridiculing popular personalities who allegedly promote a non-vegan lifestyle.

In February 2021, TikTok banned That Vegan Teacher on the platform. At the time, she had accumulated over 1.7 million followers sharing her niche content on her page. As highlighted before, despite the large following she had, there were still more people who felt that her remarks and comments in her videos were unethical and politically incorrect. Hence, a petition to have her banned from the platform was created, and following its submission, she was extricated permanently.

Following her profile being banned on TikTok, rumours began that she had been arrested or was in jail. However, this is untrue and unfounded, as That Vegan Teacher has never been arrested or jailed. Her comments might be polarising, like her lifestyle, however, she has yet to violate any person’s rights which might land her in jail.