Did TikTok remove green screen video?

Where is the green screen special effect found on TikTok, how can people use it with multiple photos as well as videos as backgrounds?

One of the best components of what makes TikTok great is how you are able to manipulate and play around with how you would like the final product of your video to look like.

There are many different features and filters to play around with to create fun videos.

One of these features is the green screen background that TikTok has as a special effect feature that creators can use when making videos.

Typically, anything green screen related is used in big studio productions and sets, but TikTok has incorporated that same effect into its app capabilities for users.

TikTok green screen video

The TikTok Green Screen feature allows users to make videos with custom backgrounds completely getting rid of the original background in the video.

This feature is especially popular with users who enjoy playing with the idea of incorporating fun and creative backgrounds such as a sunny beach, a city skyline or a photo of a loved one.

The green screen effect can make it appear and seem like you are somewhere else. Users will also be happy to know that the green screen effect has not been removed by TikTok, with a variety of more options becoming available.

Did TikTok remove green screen video?

TikTok has not removed the green screen video special effect. The app actually has a number of different green screen effects for users to play with when creating their videos.

Users might have observed that the special effect is not as sleek and polished as a traditional green screen video, but somehow it still gets the job done by allowing the video creator to remain on the screen while displaying a completely different image in the background of the video.

For those who are wondering if the green screen video option has been removed, the answer is no.

The green screen filter can still be found in the effects gallery with a whole bunch of different green screen backgrounds to choose from to spice up your videos.

A feature that is still favourable with a lot of users, since green screen can be used with multiple photos and a video background amongst other options.

How to use TikTok Green Screen with a photo background

The green screen special effect can be used with a photo of your choice in the background.

This can be achieved by opening the TikTok app and pressing the plus icon at the bottom of the screen in the centre.

Tap on the Effects button located at the bottom-left of the screen and scroll until you find the green screen option which has an image of a photo with a down arrow.

Select the plus sign next to the image selector to view your camera roll and choose your photo.

Using green screen with multiple photos

You can also use the green screen special effect for your video by applying multiple pictures from your camera roll to use in the background.

To do this you repeat the same steps mentioned above, and once you have chosen a photo, you need to select it and record a clip with the chosen photo.

Pressing the Effects button again, choosing another photo and recording another clip and repeating this process until the timer reaches the 60-second time limit will result in you creating a video using multiple images for your video.

How to use green screen with a video background

Photos are not the only way to use the green screen effect. Videos can also replace a background using the green screen effect.

To do this you need to tap the Effects button and press the green screen button that looks like a video with an arrow pointing up.

Open your camera roll again and navigate to the video you would like to use.

If the video is longer than 15 seconds, choose the clip you want to use, press “Next” and proceed to record, edit, and post your video


The great features of TikTok are what makes it stand out from the rest in terms of user expression and experience.

TikTok has so many features that users can make use of in creating their videos and making them fun and unique. The green screen feature is one of those exciting features.

Green screen allows users to play around with the types of background they want for a video. The green screen effect has not been removed by TikTok and can be found in the Effects tab.