Did Tom cheat on Malia?

Tom Checketts has been on the receiving end of backlash since his breakup from co-star, Malia White, as it is speculated that he cheated on her.

Bravo TV’s Below The Deck stars, Tom Checketts and Malia White, were one of the popular couples on the reality show. However, in September 2020, that all changed when Malia took to Instagram to confirm that she and Tom had broken up. The news of their breakup came as the couple was speculated to have been dating for just over a year, as they reportedly met before Tom joined the reality show.

Tom has been quiet since Malia confirmed their breakup, therefore, there has been room for speculation to fester. Tom has been pinpointed as the party at fault and the one to blame for their breakup, with many speculating that he was unfaithful to Malia.

While the two have yet to confirm or deny the allegations, social media users and their fans have been making their own assumptions and reaching their own conclusions. Considering that Malia reportedly deleted posts of them and unfollowed him first on social media, it is believed by many that Tom cheated on Malia.