Did Ubisoft abandon Beyond Good and Evil 2?

Even though many fans have been led to believe that Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been abandoned, Ubisoft recently confirmed that it is still in process.

It has been a long time since fans last heard anything about Beyond Good an Evil 2 (BG&E2). However, Ubisoft published a new financial report on Tuesday, 20 July 2021, and BG&E2 was mentioned just once – in a summary at the top which details the plan for a “Revival of fan-favorite franchise with Beyond Good and Evil 2.”

Frederick Duguet, Chief Financial Officer of Ubisoft, recently had a phone call with investors. When asked if the game would be launched in 2023, he stated, “We are progressing well with Beyond Good and Evil 2, but it is too early to tell anyone more at this stage.”

Beyond Good and Evil was released in 2003, and is seen as the prequel to Beyond Good and Evil 2. The prequel follows the adventures of Jade, who is an investigative reporter and martial artists. She works with a resistance movement to reveal a planet-wide alien conspiracy. The gamer controls Jade and her allies as they solve puzzles, fight enemies and obtain photographic evidence.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was officially announced at Ubisoft’s E3 2017 conference, however, no further details have been revealed to date. The last time Ubisoft revealed some details regarding BG&E2 was in 2018. That is when the fans got to see ground combat, space travel, a planet-hopping open world, co-operation, crew recruitment and much more.

Gamers expressed their opinion on the latest financial report on a Reddit thread. One fan stated, “The article just lists “Revival of fan-favorite franchise with Beyond Good and Evil™ 2” under their plans for the coming years. Which is absolutely not newsworthy, we’ve known that since 2017.” Another fan replied, “Exactly. The Twitter post is misleading. With BGE2 they will revive a fan favorite. It’s not about a revival or reboot of BGE2. All that this means is that the game is still in development and not dead as some people on the sub seem to think.”