Did YouTube remove autoplay?

For YouTube viewers who are wondering what happened to the Autoplay function, it has not been removed, it has just been moved, as it has pros and cons.


It goes without saying that the more convenience our favourite online platforms have to offer, the better the user experience is while using them. Knowing that navigating a platform is made one bit easier helps the users enjoy using it, without having to struggle.

YouTube offers the same convenience in accessibility when it comes to different ways of making the platform easier to manoeuvre. This is with features such as the Autoplay button, for users to toggle when they want videos to play automatically after watching something. They can switch between on and off.

YouTube Autoplay

YouTube AutoPlay is one of the features YouTube has as a way of making it easier for their users to have better accessibility around watching their favourite YouTube videos. This function makes it easier for a viewer to watch videos without having to press play on the next best one.

The Autoplay feature will automatically select the next best video to play, also related to each previous one in terms of the type of content it portrays. With updates to the programs comes some changes. Some have wondered whether the platform’s Autoplay button has been removed.

Did YouTube remove autoplay?

For those who might have been confused, YouTube has not removed autoplay, but has instead moved the autoplay button to the actual media player with its update.

For users that are using YouTube via the web, either on a desktop operating system such as Windows, the same change will apply even though the update is tied to Android and Apple iOS operating systems.

Users coming across the new update for the first time can expect to see a prompt notifying them of autoplay, and if they want the option for autoplay to be on. YouTube’s Autoplay toggle was previously found in the sidebar of the YouTube desktop versions up until the update, moving it to the media player.

The feature is usually set to on by default, allowing YouTube to automatically play the next video for you. This feature will appeal to some but not everyone.

How to disable the autoplay toggle

For those who are not keen on the autoplay feature, and do not like it, you do have the option to switch between switching the autoplay toggle on and off. Off would be the option in this case.

To turn off the toggle, you will need to click on the new icon in the media player, which will display that autoplay is on or off when you hover over it.

Clicking on it will switch between on and off, and after clicking on the icon, it will indicate that autoplay has switched off or on.

What is an advantage of leaving the autoplay toggle on?

For those who prefer to have the autoplay toggle on, this can be a great advantage. It comes with some benefits that offer convenience for the viewer.

Having the autoplay feature on means that you are able to preview the upcoming video with closed captions, helping you to see and determine whether or not you would want to view or pass the next video. Autoplay will also help expose you to more videos you would probably not typically watch.

What is a disadvantage of leaving the autoplay toggle on?

As much as the autoplay toggle offers user-friendly convenience, turning it off can also help you save on data, as well as help you to avoid finding yourself watching a video that you do not actually care to watch. Limiting or switching off autoplay can help you save on your mobile phone data, especially if data is costly to you.

Any YouTube viewer will tell you just how easy it can be to get sucked into watching video after video, and autoplay can lead you to watching excessively unexpectedly.


Easily being able to find your way around online platforms can make your experience one that is worthwhile and less stressful. Which can also allow you to enjoy what you are doing at your convenience, without having to do much, with features that allow you to perform tasks by simply clicking buttons.

YouTube AutoPlay is one of those functions. The feature allows you to switch to a function that lets YouTube play videos automatically without you searching or pressing play. The button has not been removed, but moved to the media player for viewers convenience whether they want it on or off.