Difference between privacy and secrecy

People confuse the two and it sometimes causes conflict that can break relationships.

When someone is being secretive, it is when they are hiding information from you and don’t want you to find out. Privacy is when you keep things to yourself that you don’t want to experience while people are aware. If they find out, it wouldn’t bother you as much, but you just prefer not to tell anyone.

Privacy is essential

There is nothing wrong with being a private person. Some people prefer this because it makes their lives easier. They have healthy relationships when things are this way. It then becomes a problem when one is being private about the relationship, and the other one is not. These are things that will make the relationship  turn south. When you are in a relationship, you should have a conversation about the type of relationship you both want. Some people like to show off their partners and it’s just how they are.

Secrets show that you are fearful of something

Keeping a secret means  there is something that you are unsure of, and if it comes out, things will be bad. It might be that you think you’re protecting your loved ones but sometimes you’re just making things worse by not being open. People feel the need to keep them hidden because they do not want to disappoint those they love. Secrets only make things worse and not much will come out of them. They will have a negative impact on your life, and you will always feel uneasy.

Open up

There is a chance of forgiveness if you open up and allow other people to help you. If they find out the secret on their own and not from you, they might never forgive you.