Disadvantages of using Snapchat for marketing

Why using Snapchat for marketing might not be the best for certain businesses including lack of social media integration, high costs of advertising and Snapchat’s content self-destruct mode.


The new and probably most effective way of marketing for businesses these days is through social media.

Almost all social media platforms offer brands and businesses tools to be able to market themselves in some way, and the advantage of this is the potential to reach millions of users.

While these social media platforms have a lot to offer, some of them still have their disadvantages.

The way some social media platforms work may or may not suit business marketing strategies, which begs the question, what could this mean for a platform like Snapchat, is it good for marketing?

Snapchat for marketing

While it can be a great idea to market a business or brand on a social media platform, it is important to note that some platforms may not necessarily be the best ones for certain marketing strategies, or even for the business itself.

Factors such as how a platform works, what it does and does not allow you to do as a user can influence whether or not it is good for marketing on it.

Therefore, there would be no use in marketing somewhere if it might not deliver, and a platform, Snapchat has a number of disadvantages for businesses marketing themselves.

Disadvantages of using Snapchat for marketing

Social media users will be aware that different platforms operate differently, and so what can work on Facebook may or may not work for Snapchat or Twitter.

There will be certain things you can and cannot do on various platforms and these need to be taken into consideration by businesses who are looking to take on social media marketing strategies.

When it comes to Snapchat, marketing on the platform has its many disadvantages and it is important for brands to look into those before marketing themselves on the platform.

Of the many disadvantages of using Snapchat for marketing, amongst them are the large costs of marketing, how the Snapchat algorithm works and self-destructs, how time limits on content can interfere with user engagement on a marketing post as well as the fact that Snapchat has no ways of integrating with other platforms.

Snapchat’s poor social media integration and marketing

One of the best tools that can help accelerate marketing strategies for businesses on social media platforms is the feature that allows users to share the same content to other social media platforms all in one go, or even separately.

This allows for audiences on more than one platform to be able to access and see a marketing campaign originally posted elsewhere, creating a wider audience engagement which is what a marketing campaign seeks to achieve.

However, Snapchat does not allow users to share their content with other platforms, and this hinders effective marketing strategies.

How Snapchat’s self-destruct is a huge disadvantage for marketing

Users of Snapchat will know that content on the platform is set up to disappear completely after 24 hours. Since this is the case, the ability for a brand or business effectively being able to market itself becomes restricted.

It gives users a limited time to discover a marketing campaign and engage with it before it disappears completely.

This can hinder the amount of engagement a campaign receives, making it not as effective in achieving the intended reach and audience. Subsequently, this can hurt business marketing after paying so much money.

How marketing on Snapchat will be costly

Another drawback to advertising on Snapchat is how much money it takes to advertise on the platform.

It is noted that if a business is looking to advertise on Snapchat, it needs to be prepared to have a large budget to spend on its advertising.

This is because Snapchat Paid Advertising is noted to be quite expensive and this can be a problem for the much smaller to medium-sized businesses, especially those that do not have the budget.

With the price of advertising on the platform being costly, businesses tend to avoid it.

Final thoughts

There are so many positives to marketing on social media platforms, with the biggest one being the large audiences you can reach through your marketing, meaning better success with marketing strategies for your business.

There are, however, also cases where marketing on certain platforms might not work out.

Snapchat, being one of the biggest social media platforms, is great for many reasons, but when it comes to marketing for businesses and brands, it is probably not the best space to advertise.

Issues such as self-destruct mode, the costs and poor social media integration make it hard for marketing.