Do Facebook Ads automatically run on Instagram?

What causes Facebook Ads to automatically run on Instagram, what are the benefits of running ads on different platforms, and the objectives to choose when running an ad?


The fact that social media can be used by brands and businesses to promote themselves and build awareness on who they are and what they have to offer, has helped many of them do exactly that and more. Social media platforms offer various ways of advertising effectively through them.

When it comes to Facebook and Instagram, running ads on either of them is possible. Running the same ad on each platform is also possible, but people might want to know if a Facebook Ad will also automatically run on Instagram, given that the two apps can work hand-in-hand.

Facebook Ads on Instagram

Facebook and Instagram both run under the company Meta, which is why your activities on the apps can be linked together.

When you are posting an Instagram Story, you can link your Facebook account to be automated to post the same post on the other application.

This is also the case when it comes to running ads on either platform, Facebook ads can appear on Instagram too, but only if you have allowed it to do so through prompts you set up on Facebook.

Do Facebook Ads automatically run on Instagram?

Yes, this is possible. A Facebook Ad can run on Instagram, and this is because, by default, ads created on Facebook Ads Manager are automatically placed on Instagram as well as on Facebook.

Instagram or Facebook will regularly ask you if you would like for an activity to be performed on the other app as well whenever you post a picture or a story.

As a user you have the choice to allow this action or not, it all depends on what you want your activity to look like on both or each platform at a particular time.

There is the option to allow your Facebook Ad to support Instagram when you create your ad, and your placements will automatically include Instagram.

Moreover, Meta actually recommends that you run ads on both the platforms, as this has many benefits to it for exposure.

Why should ads be run on both platforms?

Meta notes that it might be a good idea for you to run ads on both Facebook and Instagram, as this has some benefits to it for your business, brand or yourself.

Running ads on both platforms ensures optimised delivery. Meta guarantees that this can get ads out to the best people at lower costs.

Both platforms have engaged and dedicated audiences on them who are actively immersed on both platforms, meaning better chances of them discovering ads. Your Facebook page can serve as your ads voice without creating a business Instagram.

What are the ad objectives currently available on Instagram Ads?

When creating an ad, there are going to be certain objectives that you need to choose from for what you are aiming to achieve from your Facebook or Instagram Ad.

These include brand awareness, reach, allowing you to target certain people with your ad, engagement, helping you boost your post and reach more people, traffic that will drive people to your website or app store, conversions that will encourage people to visit you site to make purchases, app installs so people can install your app as well as video views.

How can you remove Facebook Ads from Instagram?

In the case where you want to remove an already posted running Facebook Ad from Instagram, you would need to log into your Facebook account using your PC or device, and it will open your Facebook profile page.

Head over to your Settings and navigate the Settings page until you find Instagram Ads.

Once there, you will have the option to remove the Facebook Ad from Instagram by clicking the “Remove” button which will remove the ad completely.

However, it is highly recommended that you run ads on both Instagram and Facebook platforms.


Advertising on social media platforms has made it extra easy for businesses and brands to expand on their reach and markets by taking advantage of the millions of audiences that are consuming social media and spending large amounts of time on them. This better exposes brands to bigger audiences.

Facebook and Instagram are known to be able to link together and have the same activities take place on both the platforms simultaneously. This can happen with ads when you have chosen an objective that allows the Facebook Ad to also run on and support Instagram at the same time.