Heartland’s Jack and Lisa surprise many by not getting divorced

Despite their on-and-off-again relationship’s rocky start, Lisa Stillman and Jack Bartlett eventually get married and have yet to get a divorce in the ongoing drama series.

Netflix has made the world of television and film more universal by featuring shows that were popular in countries outside of the United States (US), making them available to new audiences.

The same can be said for the nuclear family Canadian drama series, Heartland. First premiering in 2007, following landing on Netflix, the drama series has since become popular in countries including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

According to IMDb, the series is “a multi-generational saga set in Alberta, Canada and centered on a family getting through life together in both happy and trying times.”

It is also told through the primary lens of the protagonist, Amy Fleming, played by Amber Marshall. The story does have other beloved characters with their own emotional arcs.

Why is Heartland currently not available on Netflix US?

For the United States fan base, viewers have been deprived of finding out what the 14-instalment of the series is.

This is as the season is not available on Netflix US, despite the June 2021 premiere on the paid-subscription video on demand platform.

Therefore, for viewers outside of the US, they are already in the know about what happened during the widely fourteenth available season.

The series is unavailable in the US, because of the exclusivity agreement the show signed with UPTV. As a result, it is not set to be hosted on Netflix US until after March 2022, when the exclusivity deal ends.

Due to the exclusivity deal with UPTV, despite the show currently airing the fifteenth season on television, only seven of the usual 18 episodes has aired.

The last episode which was titled Bluebird, aired on Sunday, 28 November 2021. The eighth episode, Brand New Day, is set to air on Sunday, 5 December 2021.

Due to the production break, there has been no date on when this season will make its return to Netflix. As a result of this halt, fans have wondered about the fate and the relationship statuses of their favourite characters.

One of the most frequently asked, but rarely answered questions, is what is the current relationship status of recurring supporting main characters, Lisa Stillman and Jack Bartlett, and their marriage?

Lisa and Jack’s relationship to date

The love story between the two characters began in season one. Initially starting out as friends, their close proximity and chemistry eventually led to them developing feelings for each other.

Their first date came as Lisa asked Jack to come over to help her decide on which horse to buy. During this ride, their truck broke down, which resulted in an impromptu first romantic date between the characters.

With Lisa’s busy schedule and Jack still getting over the death of his partner, Lyndy, their romance went through highs and lows, as they continued to get together and break up again for seven seasons after the first.

It was during the eighth season that the two characters finally bit the bullet and got married. Their nuptials surprised the rest of the Heartland community.

However, considering their past and the love they have for each other, their wedding was celebrated with a reception which was filled with community members at the heart of Heartland.

The couple have remained married throughout the rest of the most recent seasons, despite their continued ups and downs.

The close proximity has resulted in the real-life actors, Jessica Steen and Shaun Johnson developing a close friendship behind-the-scenes.

Despite this deep friendship, which extends outside of the show, both actors have maintained that their relationship is strictly platonic.

Who gets divorced in season 14 of Heartland?

The biggest spoiler and surprise breakup on Heartland was Lou and Peter’s breakup, which the series dragged on for two seasons.

The breakup was one of the most memorable moments, considering that the show has spent the best part of its earlier seasons establishing the love-lost-but-found-again storyline of the characters.

Starting in season eight, when Peter’s loyalty and dedication was questioned by Lou, it would be only during the tenth season of the show that they parted amicably.

Deciding to still be co-parents to their daughters, while maintaining a friendly relationship.