Heartland: How Lou and Peter got divorced and how she moved on

For Heartland fans, Lou and Peter’s relationship is constantly up in the air, however, it can be confirmed that it ends with Lou moving on, to some extent.

If you are looking for a wholesome, feel-good but entertaining family-based drama series, one of the popular watches on Netflix is Heartland. The story is the hit and one of the longest running television series of its format to air in Canada.

Debuting in 2007, the nuclear-family drama series has been running for over fourteen years and has a total of fifteen seasons to date. The fifteenth season is currently running on Canadian television right now.

The premise of the series as described by IMDb reads, “a multi-generational saga set in Alberta, Canada and centered on a family getting through life together in both happy and trying times.”

Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming is the lead actress of the show, who initially started out as a rebellious teenager with resentment, following the passing of her mother. However, she has since matured into a mother, horse trainer and widower.

Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming, who is played by Michelle Morgan, is Amy’s older sister, and is one of the recurring main supporting characters.

Lou in the world of the story had her own storyline, with her initial love interest being fellow recurring supporting lead character, Peter Morris, played by Gabriel Hogan.

The two’s love story drew so much attention that fans of the show who have not binged watched the 13 seasons available on Netflix US have been concerned about the fate of their marriage.

Lou and Peter’s love journey explained

The two have been part of the show since its inception, therefore, their love story began with the show. The first two seasons was the beginning of the relationship between the two characters.

Peter pursued Lou as the one-who-got-away and it was finally in season three of the series that they would go on to get married. Following their marriage, the couple moved to Dubai.

However, their move was short lived as Lou began to miss her family and surroundings, resulting in the two of them returning. Upon their return, Lou discovered that she was pregnant with her first child.

Though the couple have an adopted daughter, Georgie, who is considered their first born, the nuclear family stayed together until the ninth season of the series, when the writers marked the end of their marriage with a touching scene.

Lou and Peter’s divorce journey explained

The journey to the final end of Lou and Peter’s relationship was dragged out. Having started in season eight, Lou began to question her husband’s dedication to the family.

The downward spiral would continue into the ninth season, when Lou left her wedding and engagement rings on Peter’s apartment counter after their separation.

While it was only confirmed later, the reason for Peter’s distance was the fact that he was unfaithful to his wife with “the other woman,” Slyvia.

Despite their breakup, they decided to be amicable co-parents and form a more platonic relationship in subsequent seasons of the show.

Lou moves on

Following her divorce, Lou did not necessarily move on, but she does form a friendship with Mitch Cutty.

They shared a kiss during season 10, however, they have since maintained a close friendship with no romantic attachments between them.

Another love interest that viewers of the show have wanted to see explored by Lou is with her close friend, Scott Cardinal.

However, it seems like that will never happen as they have maintained a platonic relationship, since the beginning of the show.

Where is Heartland available on Netflix?

Heartland is currently available in a number of countries outside of Canada, including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

However, in all the aforementioned countries, the episodes available run up to season 13 of the series and have remained that way.

This is besides the fact that in Canada the most recent seasons to air are seasons fourteen and fifteen, which have not yet been made available due to a clause signed by the show which has prohibited the distribution of the seasons until a projected first quarter 2022 date.