Do Snapchat friend requests expire?

What happens in the case where a Snapchat friend request is gone unattended to, and how long does it take for an unanswered request to expire?


Like any other social media app, having friends you follow and follow you back is all a part of the process and your journey on the app. Every social media app will have a feature allowing users to have friends or followers included to keep up with their page.

In the case of Snapchat, this is also part of using the app. People can send and receive friend requests to those they want to connect with on the app, but what happens in the case where requests have gone unanswered or ignored, is it possible that they can expire?

Snapchat friend requests

Every single social media application will have a feature that allows users to build some community on the app, and this is done by applications having features that enable users to connect with other users on these respective apps and platforms.

Users can send requests to others, asking to connect with them and follow their pages more closely.

This can be with friends, family and even strangers who take a liking to your page and its content. Sending out a friend request on Snapchat is one of the ways users are getting to connect with each other.

Do Snapchat friend requests expire?

Just like all other social media platforms, connecting with other people is what makes the experience on the platform worthwhile. This can be of significance in many ways, including having an audience engaging with your shared social media content and liking it.

Friend requests are one of the ways social platforms encourage building communities, to promote interaction and socialising.

Snapchat also allows for users to connect with others on the platform to enjoy sharing Snaps with messaging and creating stories for friends to view and engage on.

However, sometimes friend requests can go ignored or not accepted by another party for whatever reasons they might have.

This can include not wanting to be socially connected to a particular person on the app. On Snapchat, a friend request will certainly expire after 48 hours if the other person has not accepted.

How to who has added you

To be able to accept your friend requests on Snapchat, you will need to be able to check who has added you as a friend, so you can decide who to accept. Users can check their requests on the Add Friends screen.

This will show you the list of people who have requested to become your friend on Snapchat only, and not the friends you already have. Another way to check is to tap the person icon with a plus sign next to it, review your added friends list and simply accept.

How to find out if you have been added back by someone

There are not many direct ways of determining if someone added you back after sending them a request on Snapchat, however, users can try looking by tapping on their profile icon in the left-hand corner of the app and scrolling down to the “My Friends” tab, which will reveal a list of your friends.

You can also use the search bar to type in the person’s name you had added, to see if they added you back. It is important to note that not everyone will add you back.

Is it possible to tell if your friend request has been declined?

Yes, it is possible to tell when someone has declined your friend request, and there are four signs to determine this including. For instance, you can tell when you cannot seem to add them as a friend when you have selected them in a search.

You can also tell from when you select a person from your Snapchat menu, but tapping the “Add” icon does not work.

Additionally, if a person has blocked you, they will not appear or if Snapchat is not allowing you to send a friend request or a message anymore.


Taking part in any social media platform will largely entail that you have friends or followers to interact with and that you can share your content with, by giving them access to your profile through accepting their friend request. This is done by enabling users to invite others into their social content space for interaction.

There can be instances, such as on Snapchat where users might not want to connect with another user for whatever reasons they deem valid. In this case, Snapchat friend requests that go ignored or unseen can end up expiring after 48 hours of being sent. Users also have the option of declining requests.