Do TikTok violations expire?

Looking at whether TikTok violations expire after a certain amount of time, what happens after receiving temporary and permanent bans, and how to appeal TikTok decisions.


Using online social media applications requires that users behave on the app, otherwise, anything that is considered misconduct can lead to certain consequences for the user. This can be reflected in the form of temporary or permanent bans from the sites or apps in worst case scenarios, with multiple reported violations.

TikTok is also quite strict in the content it allows users to create and share. Violations of their community guidelines can result in consequences for TikTok users who commit them, but does a TikTok violation expire eventually and how are violations handled by the platform?

TikTok violation expirations

As much fun as the TikTok platform is for its users who enjoy creating content, it does not easily let creators off the hook if they commit any violations to TikTok’s Community Guidelines or Policies.

TikTok confirms that multiple violations will result in correlating consequences, but all will ultimately lead to a permanent ban if more than one violation has been committed.

TikTok users may ask themselves whether some violations can eventually expire and what this could mean for their TikTok account and its future. Well, ask no further.

Do TikTok violations expire?

When you post TikTok content, it will first go through technology that filters the content for potential flaggable policy violations. These violations can include but are not limited to adult nudity and violent or graphic content.

This content will then either be automatically removed by TikTok or in other cases, will be flagged for further review by the safety team.

Should the content be found to be in violation of the community guidelines, you will receive a warning the first time this happens, and be issued with a ban, either temporary or permanent, in the case that it happens again.

TikTok has zero-tolerance policies whereby bans are implemented for numerous zero-tolerance violations. For those wondering if TikTok violations expire, the answer is yes.

TikTok confirms that accrued violations will indeed expire from your record over time, however, the amount of time is not specified.

A temporary ban after the first violation

After your first TikTok violation, where a temporary ban is enforced, TikTok will resort to suspending your account’s ability to upload any videos, comment, or edit your profile for a set period of time.

This can be between 24 and 48 hours, but will depend on the severity of the violation and any previous violations.

TikTok may also limit your account to a view-only experience, which will generally take between 72 hours and one week to expire. This means that your account will not be able to post or engage with content.

What to do if your content is flagged or reported

There may be cases where you feel that your content did not constitute being flagged and removed. In such a case you could consider appealing the decision made by TikTok.

Hereafter, if TikTok determines that your content or account should be restored, it will then be reinstated unless you decide to delete the account or the content.

The penalty will then be erased and will no longer affect the account in future. You can appeal a decision made by TikTok on the app.

How to file an appeal with TikTok

When your TikTok account is banned, a pop-up message will appear on screen when you open your app, stating that the account is banned with an option to “Appeal” and an “OK.”

You will need to click the “Appeal” button and fill out the form that you will be redirected to. Include your TikTok username and the details about why you feel the ban should be lifted.

If it is necessary for your appeal case, take and include screenshots. Tap “Submit” when you are done. If you do not get an appeal pop-up, you can send an email to

Final thoughts

The use of any social media app will require that a user maintains adherence to the policies and the community guidelines of the app. These are regulations that all users have to abide by if they wish to continue using the app freely for their content.

In the case of TikTok, violations to policies and community guidelines will result in the issuing of either temporary or permanent bans from the website, depending on the severity of the violation. Accumulated violations will expire in due time, but there is no known set timeframe for when your violation will expire.