Do Twitch mods get paid?

Why is it that some Twitch moderators get paid while others do not, what do mods do as well as the reasons why a Twitch streamer needs mods?


Online streaming culture is rapidly on the rise. Platforms such as Twitch have made it easily accessible for people with a love for streaming to stream themselves engaging and playing their favourite video games. While on the other side, people watch them live in the moment all while making some money from it.

Such platforms also have people in play called moderators, but in the case of Twitch, they are referred to as “Mods.” Mods are basically there to make the lives of the streamer easier, by helping with certain elements during a live stream such as moderating some content as the streamer streams.

Twitch moderators and payment expectations

Considering the magnitude of what a Twitch moderator’s job entails, people who make use of these platforms might ask themselves if mods actually get paid for what they do.

A moderator is usually there to help Twitch streamers with some of their content while they stream, as there are certain things they simply cannot keep up with whilst streaming.

Things such as determining which comments to answer and attending to unnecessary things, such as having to ban someone from an active chat. Mods are there to help assist streamers with what they cannot manage while streaming.

Do Twitch mods get paid?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Whether a Twitch moderator gets paid or not will be dependent on the streamer they are moderating for, and how well established they are. Some get paid and some do not.

For most small to medium streamers, their moderators are usually people who viewed their stream and just wanted to offer some help and support for the channel.

Streamers will usually pick their mods themselves. For the much larger streamers, some of their moderators will actually manage to get paid. This is because bigger streams need to make sure that their chats are clean with everything running as smoothly as possible, so they may be compelled to pay the people that moderate their channels for the work they do for them. Bigger streams also mean that streamers simply cannot keep up with their channel.

When does a streamer need a mod?

The Twitch platform offers its streamers a Guide to Building A Twitch Moderation Team with certain helpful recommendations according to Twitch, and what it thinks will be best for a streamer. The guide offers guidelines in terms of how big a channel is from small to large channels, and for a channel with over 600 viewers.

It also tells you how many moderators might work best for your channel, again, depending on its size as well as guidance on employing automated moderation with mods collaborating together on chat and the management of not filters.

What exactly does a Twitch mod do?

Twitch mods are basically tehere to ensure that a stream is flowing nicely without any disturbance, by making sure to keep the streams chat free from any negativity such as hate, explicit content, and other harmful things. They also create clips and provide links when needed in the chat.

They have the power to ban anyone from a chat who is not behaving right, as well as help other viewers, update the titles or onscreen content that a Twitch streamer needs changed. Mods are essentially there to talk to chatters for the streamer.

Why are Twitch mods not paid?

The reason for this is because being a Twitch moderator is not considered as an official job. Being a mod for a streamer’s channel is often something that a viewer will choose to do on a voluntary basis, just as a means of lending a helping hand to the streamer and as a way of offering support.

Another valid reason is because only a few channels actually make money, so it would not necessarily be easy for moderators to get paid to mod every channel. Especially in cases where channels are not making money.


It is good to know that streaming platforms such as Twitch offer spaces that advocate for safety first, which is a good sign on the part of Twitch. Its implementation of Twitch moderators helps streamers to keep track of their channels, preventing any forms of harm to be facilitated.

Unfortunately, in as much as it would make sense for Twitch mods to get paid, there are many cases where they do not. This is based on reasons such as a few channels not making money, thus making it hard for each and every mod to get paid for services.