Do you have to be verified to make money on TikTok?

Does getting verification status on TikTok mean that you will get paid, how verification offers ways of getting paid and how can creators work to get verified too?


People who dedicate a lot of their time to having a social media presence are most likely working towards getting verified on their respective pages. Social media verification has the sort of significance that makes you a very important addition to that platform, and essentially means that you are recognized as a contributor.

All social media platforms offer users the opportunity to become verified users, and with this comes many other advantages that can help with making money. In the case of TikTok, some might be wondering if getting verified on TikTok means that it will be easier for you to get paid.

TikTok verification and making money

For many social media content creators, getting verified is a huge steppingstone, as this is a milestone that provides them with legitimacy on the platform that you are indeed a real person.

Getting the blue verification tick on TikTok however, is a lot harder than some will anticipate. This is significant in the sense that verification on the platform likely carries more weight and is a very big deal.

It is important to note that verification does not mean that you will get paid by the platform, but rather that opportunities for pay increase.

Do you have to be verified to make money on TikTok?

Getting verification status on TikTok does not necessarily mean that TikTok will start paying you for your new title. Instead getting verified as a TikTok content creator should be seen as an opportunity to attract all the right attention your way.

When you are verified on TikTok, this means that you are now recognized as a user of importance, you are considered as special and making a huge contribution to attracting more users to the platform through your following and appealing content.

Your verification tick means that you are more recognized on the platform as well as being more attractive to brands that might want to work with you and use your verification status to their advantage. Making money in this instance means that it will be coming from many different channels that see potential to make money together with you.

Can content creators apply for verification, and how many followers do they need?

Social media consumers might have heard that users can actually apply to get verified on different platforms. Instagram and Twitter are known to offer users the opportunity to apply to get verified accounts.

In the case of TikTok however, this is not possible. The platform has a much stricter set of rules and guidelines for content creators to be considered for verification.

There is no set follower threshold that needs to be reached in order for someone to get verified. Metric growth and activity are more important.

What are the benefits of having a verified account?

Apart from being known as someone who is clearly a big deal on the platform, TikTok verification will come with plenty of benefits. Having a verified account gives you added authenticity in the sense that your content will come across as more sincere and genuine, as followers know they are engaging with a real person.

Verification also guarantees you better exposure and reach. As soon as people see you are verified, this makes you more attractive while your content is shown to more people since it is what people enjoy.

How can creators therefore get verified?

Making your way to verification status on TikTok will not come easy at all and will require some work and effort. The platform has never made their verification process known, so there is no sure way. However, gaining more followers could possibly help, as this will show that you appeal to a large audience.

Creating videos that people will enjoy watching up until the end is also a trick to use. Making sure you keep people watching or repeating your videos over and over again will help boost the number of views that you get. Being consistent is also key.


The social media space comes with so many advantages for those who actually care to take it seriously. In as much as verification status on social platforms is tailored to celebrities and prominent people, it is also possible for ordinary people with social impact to get a verification status.

A verification on TikTok can open a window of opportunities to make money for your content on the platform, however, getting paid for verification does not mean that TikTok will be paying you. Instead, verification will offer opportunities for you to get approached by brands who want to work with you.