Do YouTube Shorts make money?

How much money can creators potentially make from YouTube Shorts, how is the YouTube Shorts Fund allocated to creators and how can you qualify for Shorts Fund bonuses?


With online content creation having taken over most online platforms and social media, YouTube has also followed suit in making their user content creation more fun. YouTube has adopted video content creation in the form of short-form videos just like TikTok and Snapchat, so that creators can now make YouTube short videos.

The introduction of YouTube Shorts has made existing users and new users jump on the idea of making YouTube Shorts.

Especially seeing that with this new feature, they also get to work towards potentially earning money from their YouTube Shorts, since earning is possible depending on certain factors. YouTube content creators also stand a chance of earning through YouTube’s Shorts Fund, which pays creator’s bonuses.

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts works in the same way as a short TikTok video. Users are able to create short form videos of up to 60 seconds long, doing whatever it is they do best.

This could be showcasing their best take on a dance challenge, but ultimately, they should be doing something entertaining, fun and engaging in some way, all in an effort to connect and engage with an audience.

A YouTube Short can be made using just a smartphone and the Shorts camera in the app. The best part about it is that Shorts creators can profit in some way for making the best videos.

Do YouTube Shorts make money?

One of the biggest reasons people are so keen to try out platforms and tools such as YouTube Shorts, is because they hope to go viral for the right reasons by attracting a large audience and becoming popular.

One of the benefits of finding yourself gaining viral status from your YouTube Shorts is the potential to be rewarded for what you have created through the YouTube Shorts Fund.

The fund is intended to reward creators for their commitment to making creative and entertaining Shorts videos that appeal to the YouTube community.

The $100 million fund is allocated to certain creators who have met the requirements for qualifying for a YouTube Shorts bonus.

Creators will be paid for how well their Shorts channel performs in the previous month and are contacted by YouTube to notify them if they are to receive a bonus for good performance.

How much can creators expect to get in bonuses?

The amount for bonuses will vary depending on certain aspects, such as the location of the creator’s audience. This means that the viewership and engagement needed to qualify for bonuses will be different between creators. Qualifying channels can anticipate earning between $100 to $10 000 each month.

So, with consistency and dedication, creators can find themselves making some hundreds of dollars every month, especially if YouTube sees the hard work and effort a creator puts in and how well they are able to attract enough audience and engagement to their channel.

How can creators claim their Shorts Fund bonuses?

Creators who qualify for bonuses from the Shorts Fund will need to select “Claim Bonus” in the email or in-app notification to be directed to the Shorts Fund page in YouTube Studio.

From there, you will need to complete two steps which are to accept the bonus terms and to set up or link an AdSense account.

Channels with an account already linked can claim their bonus immediately, while those who have to set it up will have to wait a few days for YouTube to create and link the AdSense account.

What other requirements are there to qualify for the Shorts Fund?

In order to qualify for the YouTube Shorts Fund, creators will need to have uploaded at least one Short in the last 180 days. Additionally, you will need to follow the YouTube Community Guidelines, copyright rules and monetization policies.

Creators will also need to be 13 years and older in the United States or the age of majority in their respective country.

Those who are aged between 13 and 18 need to have a parent or guardian accept terms and set up an AdSense account for them. Lastly, creators need to be from eligible countries.


If you are a person who lives for creating content online, then getting involved in the new YouTube Shorts program will allow you to venture out and spread your content across more than one channel. More importantly, it will allow you to open yourself up to another stream of possible income to earn.

YouTube Shorts does offer creators the opportunity to monetize their content through the YouTube Shorts Fund. YouTube will reward creators for the best performance on their channels related to audience attraction and engagement from shorts created. Creators will be identified and reached by YouTube should they qualify for the fund.