Do YouTubers get paid for likes?

Why YouTubers do not get money from the amount of likes their videos get, and how instead, likes work to help generate traffic and engagement to their channel.


YouTube content creation has grown to become one of the most popular ways of gaining popularity and growing a profitable YouTube community that is dedicated to following and consuming your content because they enjoy it. With gained popularity, comes a large following and more opportunities to monetize your channel.

In a world where the number of likes on any of your social media accounts now dominates and acts as a reflection of how well you can engage people in your content, many might wonder if YouTube likes are one of the ways that YouTubers make their profits as creators.

Likes on YouTube

One would think that with the amount of likes YouTubers can gain on their videos, they would be getting paid tons of money for each like. Typically, most social media platforms will pay their popular users for having exceeded a certain amount of likes, as that would indicate engagement and popularity. YouTube has plenty of creators who have gained over millions of subscribers, with millions of likes on their respective published content.

Do YouTubers get paid for likes?

Many aspiring YouTube content creators looking to join and make a name for themselves in the YouTube community might be disappointed to find out that YouTube does not pay its creators for likes generated.

This can be shocking to many, as the potential to make a ton of money for creators would have been extraordinary, especially in the case of established YouTube sensations. This is unfortunately not the case and likes on YouTube do not serve to directly benefit a YouTuber in the form of money.

Instead, likes on YouTube are just a way to enhance the number of visits you can get on your channel. When a video on YouTube goes viral through likes, this will attract a larger audience of curious viewers to your channel thus generating traffic and gaining you more potential subscribers, views and shares contributing to earning potential.

What happens in the case of dislikes on YouTube videos?

While YouTube viewers can like a video, they also have the option to dislike it. So, what happens in this case and does this mean that the YouTuber will earn less because of a dislike?

Dislikes are said to greatly influence personal recommendations, because when you like a video, you will see more videos from them popping up for you to watch.

Disliking the video will tell YouTube that it needs to stop showing you videos from that specific YouTuber. YouTube will do this through the work of the algorithm.

How can you increase the number of likes?

There are many different ways to increase the number of likes to your video. A YouTuber will want to work to boost their likes, since they help to generate traffic and interest to their channel, thus helping them gain more views, shares, comments and overall engagement. This in turn increases their chances of getting recognized by the platform and reaping the rewards through monetization.

Getting paid is the ultimate goal of a YouTuber. YouTubers can ask their viewers to like their video at any point in the video and can also promote it via social media.

Other ways to earn money on YouTube?

The trick to becoming successful on YouTube is to explore and take advantage of other ways of making money through your channel. A good approach is to sell products, whether these are your own or of another brand helping to promote it.

Another route to go is to get into affiliate marketing. This will allow you to earn a commission by promoting certain products and services through providing product reviews of your experience using that product or service. If this is for a certain brand or company, they pay you for marketing them.


YouTube is a great tool to make money through content creation. The platform has become home to many successful YouTube names that have managed to earn thousands and more in dollars from the consumption of their content by their YouTube community. A community they have worked to build through consistent engaging content.

YouTube viewers are able to like and dislike videos of various YouTube content creators. It is important to note that as much as a creator can generate over millions of likes, they will not get paid for those likes but they instead, act as a generator of traffic to channels.