Does Facebook pay page owners?

What are the ways that Facebook Page owners can make money from the page or get paid for running a page, as Facebook does not pay page owners?


Creating various pages on social media platforms has become a popular trend, depending on the purpose the page is there to serve. A page can be created for various reasons, such as to run an online business or to grow a community of people on shared interests and topics.

Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms where people create Pages for community, or as a means of advertising for a business. Some may wonder if Facebook pays original page owners for having an active page, since there are ways for page owners to monetize their Facebook page.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages will be created by a Facebook user for a specific reason. A Facebook Page owner could be a business owner looking to build their network of customers using different channels to get exposure and attract customers.

A Facebook Page owner could also be a community of people starting a Facebook Page for shared interests such as a Facebook community for entrepreneurs of a certain nature.

Whatever the case for starting a Facebook Page, the main intention is generally to drive engagement and to market and advertise, making it a great way to make some money too.

Does Facebook pay page owners?

Facebook Page owners are not necessarily paid directly by Facebook, but they can use the page as a way to make money depending on whether the intention of the page is for that very reason.

Page owners can come up with their own ways of getting paid on Facebook, as there are many ways to do this. This can be especially convenient for business owners, as they can create a Facebook Page in order to advertise and conduct business for their products or services.

Some other methods of making money on Facebook include growing affiliate and referral programs, earning an income from becoming a social media expert or making money from being a page administrator for a certain company.

Additionally, you could aid a person looking to grow their Facebook Page, who needs extra hands to do it. The options are many when it comes to Facebook Page earning.

Making money from growing affiliate and referral programs on a Facebook Page

You could be an affiliate marketer for a certain product or service and are looking to expand your reach when it comes to promoting their affiliate brands products and services.

Having a Facebook Page for the purpose of marketing as an affiliate will help to generate the sales you need to make your sales and possibly exceed them. Your Facebook Page could advertise how other people can join the affiliate network under you, meaning you get to maximize your earnings for every referral that will sign up.

Making money as a Facebook Page administrator

Another method of making money from Facebook Pages is through becoming a Facebook Page administrator. This means that you are placed in charge of managing the Facebook page, either for a person or a business.

Facebook pages can become overwhelming to manage, as it will require you to keep up to date with the daily activities, queries and updates of the page. This will be especially important should you be managing a Facebook page for someone of importance or a business. You can get hired and paid to be a Facebook Page Administrator.

How to earn an income as a social media expert

Becoming a social media expert is another way to earn an income from dealing with Facebook pages. It is also very similar to that of being a page administrator, with the only differences being that you would be dealing with the digital advertising and strategy aspects of the page.

Facebook page owners can hire social media experts to help them with their digital marketing strategies and overall digital setup, such as monitoring digital trends and analytics. This is one way for social media experts to make money from Facebook Pages.


Social media pages are developed to manage, build and engage certain audiences on a variety of different topics, ideas and products and services. It is a tool that can help people reach their audiences at a greater capacity, benefitting groups and businesses greatly in terms of monetizing their pages.

In the case of Facebook, the platform will not, however, pay Facebook Page owners directly as the organization, but will offer page owners ways of making money from their pages. Or, by being a part of a page or even running it for someone else as administrators or social media experts.