Does Instagram pay money for Reels?

How will Instagram pay its popular creators and Influencers through its recently announced Reels Play and Reels Surprise bonus programs, and how can creators become eligible to benefit?


The thought of making money as a creator is one of the many reasons why creators are flocking to different platforms. They want to explore different ways that they can get their content to make them money, and many social media platforms such as Instagram offer these opportunities.

With so many social media and content platforms having monetary programs in place to reward their creators for their creativity, Instagram is now doing the same.

The platform is now also offering its users and creators money for their creation of Instagram Reels, which are similar to TikTok and Snapchat stories and short-form videos.

Instagram Reels and money

Usually, when a social media platform introduces a new feature that makes it stand out from the rest, other platforms soon follow suit or want to come up with something different and better, thus creating competition amongst the platforms.

This is also the case when it comes to Instagram, which is now working on introducing its monthly Reels Play Bonus Program, where a select few creators on the platform will be able to earn money from getting busy and creating Reels.

Reels are Instagram’s short-format video feature similar to TikTok and Snapchat.

Does Instagram pay money for Reels?

The most recent answer to this is yes. Instagram is now paying certain creators to create Reels.

Benefitting from the Reels Bonus Program will be much easier for creators who are already popular in some way, with established influencers already getting paid up to $10 000 for their Reels.

Some creators have already started getting paid for their Reels, including Maddy Corbin who boasts 52 000 followers and has received $1 000 for her Reels in a month.

Other creators are said to have been offered bonuses starting from $600 going up, with this being good news for creators on the platform.

However, some are still a bit confused as to how they earn, and what factors determine how big or how small they can earn in bonuses.

Creators have also noted that this is because Instagram has not really been helping to clear up some of the confusion.

Why are Instagram creators confused with the Reels Play Bonus Program?

While the Reels Bonus Program offers a great opportunity for Instagram creators to monetize their content through Reels, creators are still left with some questions when it comes to how exactly the program works.

Especially when it comes to how it will determine how much a creator will receive for their Reels, and how that amount is calculated and what it is based on.

Creators have also noted that the platform has not been forthcoming in providing more insight into the new bonuses, leaving a lot still confused as to how they need to go about their Reels.

What are some issues creators have been experiencing?

Besides some creators being utterly confused and weary about the Reels Play Bonus Program, there are also other issues they have noted that are of concern to them. These include the frequent server outage issues that the service has been experiencing.

Some of these server outages have actually negatively impacted creators from making their Reels and have also prevented their Reels from reaching more people due to an outage occurring.

For some creators, they have felt that since joining the program, their Reels have not necessarily been getting as much attention.

What is the Reels Surprise Bonus Program?

On top of the Reels Play Bonus Program, Instagram has also announced that it will be introducing the Reels Surprise Bonus Program, which will be intended to reward up to 150 US-based creators per week with up to $10 000 for a particularly inspiring, entertaining Reel.

In order to be eligible, the creators will need to be from the United States, be 18 years and older, meet Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Partner Monetization Policies, as well as have an existing Reel with at least 1 000 views gained and have not received bonuses.


The best part about being an online platform influencer or creator, is the potential to earn and monetize your content for audiences and the respective platform.

Social media platforms are jumping at the opportunity to keep their creators happy by offering programs that assist creators by paying them bonuses.

Instagram has officially also jumped at the opportunity to come up with programs dedicated to rewarding its creators for their content, and in this case for the creation of Reels.

Creators will now be able to earn money from creating Reels through the announced Reel Play and Surprise Bonus Programs.