Does Lauren Coogan have a fake accent?

In an “After the Island” interview, Lauren Coogan revealed that she does not have a fake British accent, as she grew up in Oxford, England.

Lauren Coogan is a British reality television star, family assistant and Instagram personality. She was an islander on the second season of Love Island United Sates of America (USA), which premiered in August 2020. Coogan entered the villa on day 10 of the series and departed the island on day 14.

Coogan was born and brought up in Oxford, England. However, she currently lives in Los Angeles, USA. Lauren works as a family assistant when she is not on reality television. She has not shared extensive details about her job. It is thus unclear whether she helps with childcare, helps run a busy household, or takes care of things around the house.

In September 2020, Lauren joined Alex Stewart and Elizabeth Weber for an “After the Island” interview. Coogan talked about which boys seemed real and which appeared to be there for the game, snoring and her supposed fake British accent.

In the interview, Elizabeth and Alex presented Lauren with various questions. When asked if her accent is fake, Lauren stated, “I have lived in America for more than half of my life, so I just have this weird voice and then people think that I am like trying to do one or the other. It is like people are being so mean to me about it. But it just is what it is.”

Coogan added, “You know I have been here since I was like 13. So, it is like my A’s and the certain ways I say things are very British. But I have lived in LA, so I have like a valley girl thing going on too.” She continued, “I do not know what I am doing. I do not know how I sound. I know it sounds weird, and I am just like ‘leave me alone’. It is just a mess of accents.”

Despite all the rumours about Lauren’s fake accent, it is clear that she has a mix of a British and an American accent.