Does Rumble pay creators?

How video content creators on Rumble get paid in various ways related to ownership rights and how making money on the platform is easier when compared to YouTube.


Content creators of all sorts are flocking to different online platforms to share their work with online communities, and to make money from building attraction for audiences. Rumble is an online video platform similar to YouTube, where creators are making content as well as making money from their videos.

For those unfamiliar with Rumble and are thinking of trying it out over YouTube, they might want to know if the platform is in any way paying its creators for what they do. Additionally, you might be curious to know how creators are actually monetizing their videos and the ways in which they are doing it.

Rumble paying creators

With the growing need to make money through their content, creators are looking for various ways that they can make this possible for themselves, as well as the best platforms to achieve these specific goals.

For those that are wondering whether Rumble pays its creators or not, the answer is yes, Rumble does indeed pay creators with the potential of making money actually being said to be a bit easier than on YouTube.

Creators using Rumble will mostly consist of new and small video content creators, with many others possibly set to start flocking to it too.

Does Rumble pay creators?

Yes, Rumble does pay its creators for the content they share on the platform, and there are different ways that this is done. One of the ways creators can earn with Rumble is through ad revenue split.

Rumble is generous enough to share up to 60 percent of its ad revenue with its creators, whereas YouTube only shares 10 to 15 percent with its creators.

Other ways that creators are making money on Rumble is through lump sums of money and profit sharing with Rumbles other partners. You see, in exchange for the rights to your content, Rumble will pay you.

Rumble’s partners consist of giants such as MTV, Xbox, Yahoo and MSN. These platforms can use your video and pay you up to $50 if the video is approved, with some creators getting paid up to $100 if a video makes its way to the front page.

Who is on Rumble or has used Rumble?

Some popular names have taken to joining Rumble and sharing different content. Currently, Rumble has users such as politicians as well as commentators and celebrities.

One of the most popular conservative commentators on the platform is Dan Bongino, with over 1.35 million subscribers compared to his 774 000 on his YouTube channel.

Another public figure that joined Rumble was former president Donald Trump, who boasts over 700 000 subscribers, along with his team, who used the platform to live stream his rallies, post video ads as well as for providing news clips of Trump.

What types of videos get monetized on Rumble?

Compared to YouTube, Rumble does not have too many strict policies when it comes to the monetization of videos through the platform.

Rumble keeps things very simple by looking for videos with good descriptions and good titles, videos that have original content and cover some interesting topics as well as videos with high quality.

Videos on Rumble also do not have censorship as well as no copyright issues. Should videos offer the three key components considered video-worthy of monetization, creators can be well on their way to making themselves money.

How can you make money on Rumble?

The first would be profit sharing, which means that you would give up the rights to your videos in exchange for up to 90 percent of what the video will make, as well as another 60 percent of what it makes from the partners.

The exclusive option means creators relinquish rights to Rumble with the possibility of making up to $1 000.

A Non-exclusive option allows creators to keep rights and generate up to $500 profit. Creators can also make money through tagging up to five videos to make $0.25 a day.


Video content creators will never be out of options when it comes to where they can go to create and share their content, as there are so many different online platforms offering this as well as opportunities to make money in various ways or from getting paid by platforms.

Rumble is a video sharing content space similar to YouTube, but also vastly different in the ways that it offers its creators opportunities to make money through their content.

Earning on Rumble is also much easier when compared to YouTube, being the perfect space for smaller and new content creators.