Does Yahoo Messenger still exist?

Looking at what happened to Yahoo Messenger and why Yahoo decided to shut it down as well as some of the great features the messaging service offered users.


Messaging platforms are a great way for people to stay connected with each other all the time. There are and have been some good messaging services people have used, and Yahoo Messenger is one of them.

However, with the emergence of new messaging platforms, some people might be wondering if Yahoo Messenger still exists.

Yahoo Messenger was first released on 9 March 1998 and at the time, it was an advertisement instant messaging service associated with Yahoo.

Since then, the messaging service is no longer accessible, as it was initially shut down on 17 July 2018, but it was only officially completely shut down in 2019. With the end of such a pivotal instrument of the 90s, users might be wondering what happened.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger was just like any other messaging application. Users were able to send texts to each other using the internet.

Yahoo Messenger could also be installed on a phone or tablet, as well as on a computer and all of this could be done without having to pay for a texting service.

Users could also send other forms of messaging as with apps today, such as GIF’s, images, emoticons and other files all with internet access through Wi-Fi or from a mobile data plan.

Does Yahoo Messenger still exist?

Unfortunately, Yahoo Messenger no longer exists, as it was completely shut down in 2019 after it was rebranded to Yahoo Together.

Yahoo Messenger is said to have gone through a lot of name changes, having dated back from Yahoo Chat, which was a public chat room service.

Yahoo Pager, which was launched in 1998 only to be later renamed to Yahoo Messenger in 1999. The chat room service was later shut down in 2012.

So, why exactly did the app shut down for those who are curious? According to Yahoo, the decision to end Yahoo Messaging was to divert time and resources to other communication tools, as the communication landscape is one prone to change.

Yahoo further clarified that it was focusing its attention on creating and introducing new, exciting communication tools that would be aimed at being better fits for consumer needs.

What are some of the alternatives to Yahoo Messenger today?

Although Yahoo Messenger no longer exists, there have been many other alternatives that people have taken to using such as the popular, highly used WhatsApp messaging app, and the video calling and instant messaging service, Skype.

Others also include Google Hangouts, and Wire, which is one of the most secure platforms with messaging, voice, video and conference calls, protected with end-to-end encryption.

Platforms such as Telegram, Signal, Element, Jitsi, Pidgin and Tox are also amongst the alternatives people can look into outside of Yahoo Messenger, now that it no longer exists.

What were some of the great features Yahoo Messenger had?

Yahoo Messenger had some nice features to it, with some being the same as features you would find on a messaging app like WhatsApp.

Yahoo Messenger could allow users to delete sent messages, support the sending of images and videos, launching GIFs and an Ease of access.

Users also had an offline feature available to them and could chat without downloading the application by just signing into their Yahoo Mail ID.

There were also group chats available to easily chat using all these features but within a group.

Yahoo Messenger plugins and games

Yahoo Messenger had a feature whereby users were able to create plugins that were hosted and showcased on the Yahoo chat room.

Users on Messenger could listen to free and paid internet radio services, using what was formerly known as the Yahoo Music Radio plug-in from within the messenger window.

Yahoo Messenger also offered a range of different games and applications that could be accessed through the conversation window by clicking the games icon and challenging current contacts one was talking to at the time.

However, this feature did need Java in order to function properly.


With technological programs such as messaging apps, there will be advancements and they will evolve.

With this comes the decline of some platforms as new and improved programs and apps are developed all the time as a way of further advancing the future of global digital and online communications.

Yahoo Messenger was once one of the biggest instant messaging platforms Yahoo had to offer.

With the shifting of the times, Yahoo found itself having to let go of Yahoo Messenger in order to make way for newer, exciting tools, which is why Yahoo Messenger was officially shut down in 2019.