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Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach

Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach

It has become a norm in South Africa to buy the whole store when buying groceries and that’s when people tend to overspend by buy unnecessary things.

Growing up with strict parents instilled a sense of discipline within me from a very young age. Before we went grocery shopping, my mother would prepare a meal and would see to it that everyone ate. Looking back now, this was my mother’s way of preventing the “I’m hungry,” chants from me and my siblings when we just wanted treats. I have carried that practice into adulthood, making sure that I eat before I go shopping.

Although I have successfully navigated how to avoid extra costs while shopping by eating beforehand, there are always other temptations that might see you overspending. I’ve compiled a short list of my trusted tips and tricks on how to avoid the dilemma while shopping.

Plan and stick to your grocery list. This might sound obvious, but it is easy to buy things you didn’t budget for, when you go shopping without a grocery list. A list helps you keep track of all the items you need, ticking away as you add them to your basket. Another trick I’ve found very useful is reviewing food catalogues for specials before I go shopping. Stores like Food Lover’s Market and Pick n Pay usually have great deals towards the end of the month or mid-month.

I never buy prepared meals because not only are they expensive, they are also often unhealthy. As a person who’s on a clean-eating diet, I take stock of what I consume, and prepared meals often don’t list what condiments were used during preparation. The expensive of one prepared meal can easily equate to two servings if you buy ingredients and prepare the meal yourself.