DT opens up about his prison experience

In a recent episode of the Happy Hour podcast, Daniel Turner shared some horrifying memories of his life in prison.

Daniel Turner, popularly known online as Mr. DT, is an English DJ and YouTuber. He is the owner and manager of the non-league DT football club.

He recently opened up about his prison experience on the Happy Hour podcast. He explained that he went to prison for two years after school, for causing too much trouble and fighting during his school years.

Turner stated that when he got sentenced, it felt unreal to him and that he did not want to believe it. It only became real for him when he entered his cell and the door shut behind him.

He further stated, “That is where my mind was working out the sentence and I am trying to work out how long I have got left, what day will I get released and it just became this mental torture in my mind that I had to overcome, if I wanted to survive.”

The first prison Turner went to was Feltham, an institution for male juveniles and young offenders. DT revealed that Feltham is reportedly most ruthless when it comes to young offenders’ prisons, claiming that he had a fight on the first day.

DT described his first night in prison in one word – sleepless. He further explained that he did not fall asleep, as he kept thinking that his door was going to open, and that a lot of boys were going to come in to beat him up.

Turner revealed that he saw a lot of horrific things in prison, including someone getting stabbed. However, one of the worst things he reportedly saw was someone hanging themselves from one of the railings on the roof. DT added, “That is an image I will always have in my mind.”

Another horrific memory that Turner will never forget happened in another prison, Hollesley Bay. DT stated that he met a boy who was sentenced to life in prison, along with his brother and father.

When Turner asked the boy what they were in for, the boy reportedly stated that they attacked their mother with a hammer, beating her until she died. The mother allegedly tortured the boys and the husband, so they decided to kill her.

It has been over 20 years since DT was released from prison, and he admitted that he has an advantage of experiencing life in prison.

Turner can now give his children an actual life lesson, stating, “I can say to my kids, ‘You do not want to go down that path. That is not the path you need to be going down.’ And they will actually listen to me as I have been down that path.”