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Earn a living through Forex

Earn a living through Forex

Forex is not just for business and high profiled people, with the right mentor and analysis strategies, you can go a long way and make money.

I always thought that people who trade Forex went to school for it, but with social media and having different search engines, I learnt that Forex trading can be a self-taught skill. However,  platforms such as YouTube platforms exist, where one can learn how to trade via tutorial videos.

There’s absolutely nothing I haven’t tried in the year 2018, anything that screamed money to my ears I’d research it before implementing it to action.

Trading needs understanding. One of my former primary school mates mastered the art of trading and has set a solid example for earning a living through Forex trading.

I gave it a try by funding my account with R100 and to my surprise, once you know the tactics and are able to analyse the market, you can double your amount within a few minutes. I won’t say I had it easy as Forex needs proper understanding. However, let me share with you how I managed to blow my account within that same month. I was trading out of greed so I felt like double the amount wasn’t enough anymore, so I risked my account by staying longer in the market. Although I was able to recover and witness my trades pay, not knowing what you’re doing can be detrimental to your finances and can leave you in a devastating position.