Eben Britton announces departure from Hotboxin’

Eben Britton has announced his departure from the Hotboxin’ podcast with co-host, Mike Tyson, reportedly because of the constant changes that are being introduced.

Eben Britton is a former National Football League (NFL) player who retired from the sport in 2014, after a five-year run in the league. Known for his good looks and charisma, the athlete has always had a strong social media presence and was one of the many NFL players who decided to step out of sports and venture into the entertainment industry.

In 2019, Eben joined the widely popular podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, where he served as the official co-host. The show has become known as one of the most popular podcasts around the world, as legendary boxer, Mike Tyson, engages in conversations with athletes, celebrities and media personalities. Eben’s contribution to the show was also welcomed by many, as they praised the pair for their natural chemistry.

On Thursday, 3 February 2021, it was officially announced that Eben would be stepping down from his role as the co-host, and that he would not be returning for his second season. In an Instagram Live video from New Year’s Day that was later shared on YouTube, Eben explained that he would be leaving the show and clarified that it was not because of his co-host.

He stated, “The truth of the matter is, here we are and things are changing. There’s a new production crew involved with Hotboxin’, and so, you know, where I am coming from. I have offered olive branch after olive branch to make this thing work, to figure out how I can come back because, honestly, I was one of the key creators of Hotboxin’ and I wanted to see it through, I want to see it succeed.”

As of Thursday, 3 February 2021, Eben was removed from all the official branding of the show, and replaced by the new co-host, Jeremy Piven.