Eben Britton suggests unfair treatment as reason for leaving Hotboxin’

Eben Britton hosted an Instagram Live to disclose the reasons for his decision to leave his co-hosting duties on his and Mike Tyson’s popular podcast, Hotboxin’.

Eben Britton and Mike Tyson launched their popular sports podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson in 2019. The podcast’s popularity hinged on the boxer’s star power, but Britton’s contribution also led to its continued success. His calm baritone voice, knowledge on a variety of topics, and his educational background were some of the reasons he was popular amongst listeners.

However, towards the tail end of 2020, fans of the podcast started remarking on the continued absence of Britton from the podcast. Eventually, the National Football League (NFL) retiree addressed the matter of his departure from the podcast through an Instagram Live video. The video has since been circulated on social media and is available on YouTube.

In the video, Britton clarified that his reason for leaving had nothing to do with Tyson. He further stressed that they are still on good terms, and went as far as referring to Tyson as his “spiritual brother.” At first, he was hesitant to speak about the reasons for his departure, but ultimately claimed that the change in production was a contributing factor.

The more he continued to try and explain without pinpointing the real reason for his departure, the more he sparked speculation that his departure was because of behind-the-scenes drama. Throughout the video, he alluded to not being recognised as an integral part of the team, hence the show being called Hotboxinwith Mike Tyson.

Moreover, he claimed that his contributions were not acknowledged, which he expanded on by alluding to what he was paid and the credit he received in helping to develop content for the podcast. The matter highlighted the unfair treatment experienced by some “less known” names when paired with worldwide sensations.