Entitled to nothing, grateful for everything

This is a positive mantra to live by; very easy to grasp, yet very hard to put to practice.

Entitled to nothing, grateful for everything: A healthy and positive approach to life.

Entitlement at its basic level refers to the right to have something. The Oxford English Dictionary describes entitlement as: “the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment”.

Entitled people live their lives as if the world and people owe them something. This belief makes them demand things, overtly and covertly, from others at no cost. They believe that they deserve opportunities without working hard for them. They believe that their lives and everything they do is special, and therefore people should appreciate them. This is a very weird way of living and in fact, narcissistic.

At the core of narcissism is entitlement. Narcissists are egotistic – they believe that everything revolves around them and view themselves as social creatures whose existence is light to this world. Weirdos I tell you!

Being grateful just simply means being thankful and showing gratitude. It shows that you appreciate all that life has given you. Materialism aside, you could be grateful for opportunities, for meaningful friendships, for your hardships and life lessons. The lessons we learn in life are important for our growth. Some of our greatest life lessons come from the problems and obstacles we have faced.

There is nothing worse than an entitled and ungrateful person. These type of people tend to blame others for their own life problems without taking any responsibility. They expect people to fix their problems and help them move forward. All they want is to receive from others whilst they give nothing. For a happy and peaceful life, always be grateful for everything, and entitled to nothing.